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This section forms part of the pre-application planning process and is your opportunity to find out more about our vision for the redevelopment of the wider Craigforth Campus. Ambassador Group are preparing an application for Planning Permission in Principle for the mixed use redevelopment of the Craigforth Campus. A Proposal of Application Notice was submitted to Stirling Council on 7th February 2020 (Ref: PAN-2020-003). The following exhibition boards explain our analysis of the site and its environment, identifies opportunities and constraints and outlines our approach to the redevelopment. To view these, please follow links at the bottom of the page.
The project team are available to answer queries on the proposals, via the live chat function, between 4pm and 6pm on 7th May 2020 (see chat icon at bottom right). Please tell us what you think of the proposals to redevelop the wider Craigforth Campus by completing the online questionnaire below. Your comments will help inform and influence the design process in advance of the Planning Permission in Principle application being submitted to Stirling Council in Summer 2020.

Masterplan Proposals – Downloads

Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)

EIAR – Volume 1

EIAR Volume 2 – Figures

EIAR Volume 3 – Technical Appendices

Figure 1.1 – Location Plan – Craigforth Campus

Figure 1.2 – Location Plan – North Site

Figure 3.1 July 2008 (07-00673-OUT) – Masterplan

Figure 3.2 July 2008 (07-00673-OUT) – Floorspace

Figure 3.3 Illustrative Masterplan

Figure 3.4 Development Sub-Areas

Figure 4.1 – North Site Layout Plan

Figure 4.2 – North Site Access Strategy Plan

Figure 4.3 Masterplan Framework Plan

Figure 4.4 Development Parameters – EIA

Figure 4.5 Development Parameters – Illustrative Masterplan

Figure 4.6 – Demolition Plan

Figure 7.1 SNH Landscape Character Areas

Figure 7.2 ZTV North

Figure 7.3 ZTV Central

Figure 7.4 ZTV South

Figure 7.5 Visual Receptors

Figure 7.6 Existing trees to be retained removed and proposed planting (North Site)

Figure 7.7 Existing trees to be retained removed and proposed planting (PPiP Masterplan)

Figure 8.1 – North Site Boundary

Figure 8.2 – North Site ZTV

Figure 8.3 – PPiP Site Boundary

Figure 8.3 – PPiP Site Boundary

Figure 8.4 – PPiP Masterplan ZTV

Figure 10.1 – Baseline Water Environment

Figure 14-1

Figure 14-2

Figure 14-3

Figure 14-4

Figure 15-1

Figure 15-2

Figure 15-3

Figure 19.1 – Cumulative Developments

Non-Technical Summary

TA 6.1 – Screening and Scoping Report

TA 6.2 – Stirling Council Screening Opinion

TA 6.3 – Stirling Council Scoping Opinion

TA 7.2 – Visual Effects Tables_ Proposed Development (PPiP Masterplan)

TA 8.1 – Gazetteer of Heritage Assets

TA 9.1 – Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

TA 9.2 – Ecological Management Plan

TA 9.3 – HRA

TA 10.1 – Flood Risk Assessment

TA 12.1 – Geo-environment Desk Study Report

TA 13.1 – Transport Assessment

TA 15.1-15.4

TA 18.1 – Energy Sustainability Statement – Office

TA 18.2 – Energy Statement – Masterplan